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Jolie James

Sensual Supernatural Tales For 99 cents Halloween Spotlight

There's nothing that gets the heart pumping and the fluids going quite like romance and action of the supernatural kind.  With Halloween upon us, 'tis the season for supernatural stories.  Here, we spotlight a few recent passionate paranormal titles that can be yours for 99 cents! 


Surging Shadows  by Jolie James
Sandra Tully, a budding graphic designer, lands her dream gig at one of Chicago’s premiere marketing firms. Her first week of work is filled with excitement as she finds herself falling for her new boss, Max, but she is troubled by an odd onset of erotic, trance-like experiences. The trances threaten to extinguish her life energy. As Max grows closer to Sandra, he realizes that he is her only hope, and races to save her from the shadow before it’s too late.
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The Vampire Comes Web.png

 The Vampire Comes  by Misty Springfield
Monique thinks she's seen it all one night in a bar full of rowdy and horny guys that she wouldn't give a second glance to in a million years.  But there's one man she would, and Monique is in for a whole new experience, for tonight the vampire comes for her.
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Sarah Hamm Lincoln Vampire Lover Web.png

Sarah Hamm-Lincoln: Vampire Lover  by Dana Burns
A flashback into the world of Sarah Hamm-Lincoln and how she became a vampire during the Civil War era, and how Sarah must confront her past in order to come clean with her modern-day love interest, a human who looks remarkably like her previous lover.
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These and many more are available now.  Pick up a spooky read and enjoy your Halloween... with the lights off.