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You know, when we put together BLACK WOMEN, WHITE MEN CONFESSIONS, we could have just assembled a collection of some of our bestselling interracial titles along with some fresh stories and called it a day.

But we decided to take it a step further and applied a special LAUNCH PRICE of $1.49 through this weekend: Sunday, July 19th. It's our hottest deal for a bundle EVER!


As intimate as any confessional, the stories contained in BLACK WOMEN, WHITE MEN CONFESSIONS invite you into the private lives of their characters, and the exploits and desires they entail. A half dozen devoted authors conjure six tales of love and lust: sometimes tender, often scandalous, but all is revealed and no detail is too intimate to share.

This collection includes:

  • THE PERFECT CURE by Sandra Sinclair
  • TEMPTATION TAKES OVER by Jeanette Lavia
  • PRACTICING PLEASURE by Marcus Williams
  • BREWING BODY HEAT by Monica Celeste
  • ISLAND LOVE by Logan Woods
  • SELFLESS LOVE IN LONDON by Shanika Patrice

Available Now!  $1.49 through this weekend only!

Check out some more hot titles from the authors showcased in BLACK WOMEN, WHITE MEN CONFESSIONS
The First Woman (with "Tiny Dancer")
by Sandra Sinclair, Logan Woods

Heat Strokes
by Monica Celeste
The Selkie: Sensual Shapeshifter
by Logan Woods
(Includes "A Night With a Skinwalker" by Logan Woods!)
In the Heat of the Hunt
by Sandra Sinclair
Gentlemen Prefer Black
by Stacey Allure, Dana Burns, Shanika Patrice, Marcus Williams
4 Interracial Stories!
Can I Touch It? (with "A Hot Day at the Spa")
by Logan Woods, Jeanette Lavia
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The new INDULGENCE RESORT is your FREE weekend getaway

The new INDULGENCE RESORT is your FREE weekend getaway

We at Steam Books are offering a FREE roundtrip to the perfect destination to get away from it all this weekend: INDULGENCE RESORT, the new on-going series from the depraved mind of Logan Woods. At Indulgence Resort anything goes, and we do mean anything.

Cucked and Loaded: Logan Woods is Back

Erotic extraordinaire Logan Woods is back with two new tales, and the kind he does best: the kind featuring strong women, the cuckolded men who love it, and exhibitionism galore.  These men love to watch: why not join them?


Watching His Wife With Another Man
by Logan Woods
Ronnie is at her wits end…every attempt to interest her husband in anything but missionary sex has met with a complete lack of interest. Nothing works, until in desperation she turns to a friend from work who shows who introduces her to a secret society of sexual freedom, and suggests a way to effect the changes Ronnie wants. Madge’s strategy works, but in a way neither she nor Ronnie expected. Who would have ever expected that Glen would be turned on watching another man with his wife?

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Coming Soon: iTunes

Another Nightby Logan Woods

For many men the very idea of becoming a cuckold can instigate a killing frenzy, but to an increasing number of men of this day and age, the idea has a peculiar and exciting aspect that causes them to cast caution to the winds and test the waters of the unknown.  To the cognoscenti, cuckoldry can be the stair steps to delight.  For Terry and Felicity, it is the defining factor of their life together.

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Dana Burns and Logan Woods multiply the madness

The theme is multiples this weekend at Steam Books as two new titles from Dana Burns and Logan Woods hit e-store shelves: One More Surprise and Men Lie, Cameras Don't and both are just ONE dollar each for a limited time. We also have three salacious group-themed ebooks making their debut on All Romance Ebooks, as well, so this means multiples mayhem for the masses!

One More Surprise by Logan Woods

Randall is ecstatic that the wild Bella wants to live with him forever and become his wife. She’s exotically beautiful, she’s quirky, and she’s an exhibitionist, to boot. Her tales of conquest excite him, and inspire them both to new heights sexually. What he doesn’t know is that she has one more surprise in store for him….

Available now: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance
Coming Soon: iTunes, Kobo

Team Steam members can read the first half of this book for FREE in the VIP Section!

Samantha is going to show her cyber-boyfriend, Michael, the performance of a lifetime on webcam.  She has quite the surprise for him… and he has quite the surprise for her.  In fact, this will be a night full of surprises for all parties involved.

Available now: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance
Coming Soon: iTunes, Kobo