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The new INDULGENCE RESORT is your FREE weekend getaway

The new INDULGENCE RESORT is your FREE weekend getaway

We at Steam Books are offering a FREE roundtrip to the perfect destination to get away from it all this weekend: INDULGENCE RESORT, the new on-going series from the depraved mind of Logan Woods. At Indulgence Resort anything goes, and we do mean anything.

Please enjoy a FREE taste of the upcoming SUPERNATURAL SEDUCTION, available for pre-order!

They say it's the season of the witch, why not fall under the spell of Supernatural Seduction, a sexy bundle of 4 paranormal short stories due to materialize in retailers on October 20th.

Because we love you, we've arranged with Kobo and Google Play to offer one of Supernatural Seduction's tales FREE so you can get a taste ahead of time: An African American Werewolf in London by Marcus Williams.

Details below!


Imagine encounters so steamy and passionate that they break the laws of nature. Imagine no more, because SUPERNATURAL SEDUCTION realizes a quadrilogy of tales of lust, romance and the paranormal before your eyes: some tender, some freaky, and some everywhere in-between. Let experienced authors Simone Perry, Logan Woods and Marcus Williams do all the work for you.

Pre-order now to make sure you get these 4 stories at the special launch price on October 20th:
Just 99 cents!
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This compilation includes:

An African American Werewolf in London
by Marcus Williams

One night on the job, average pub waitress Katie witnesses a level of racism by her regular customers that disturbs her; she tries to step in to stop it, but ends up witnessing a gruesome scene. Becoming obsessed with what she saw, she drives herself crazy trying to figure it out, which leaves her penniless and single. With nothing but a strange feeling in her gut and an odd yet erotic dream fuelling her curiosity, Katie sets out to find the truth: which leads her to unexpected and dirty places.

Available Now for FREE:
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We're working on getting An African American Werewolf in London to be free on Amazon, but if you can't wait, the sensual title is available for just 99 cents!


  • A HAUNTING PASSION by Simone Perry
    Almost two years have passed since the fatal car crash, yet Scarlett still mourns the death of her beloved husband.After stumbling across an old photo, strange things start to occur late at night when Scarlett lies in bed fantasizing of her beloved Adam…
    Tatiana and Mama Circe knew the secret of Serenity.  It was a secret of rejuvenation, a secret that could only be renewed if the Mistress of the old plantation followed an ancient ritual, one that had been observed since the first white men had set foot in Point Coupee Parish. They and the townsfolk would not hold out on the most important ingredient of the ritual: all the most beautiful men and women, gathered in one place.
  • HARD TO RESIST by Logan Woods
    Luke has lusted after Miranda ever since he met her, but never acted on his feelings: Miranda is the girlfriend of Luke’s frat buddy, Darryl, so Luke is content to keep Miranda as just a fantasy. But when Daryl’s skepticism about the college’s haunted house story lands the trio inside a crumbling mansion for the night, Luke finds out just how much fantasy he can handle.

Both Supernatural Seduction and An African American Werewolf in London are coming soon to our other retail friends as well, such as Barnes & Noble. Stay tuned!


There's nothing quite like a Logan Woods story, and the mysterious Mr. Woods is back at it with his latest anthology, aptly titled Who is Logan Woods?  The ebook and its individual stories were just released last week on Amazon.

Get 'em NOW while they're still hot!  ...Oh who are we kidding, these stories will always be hot.

The question isn't so much "who is Logan Woods" as it is "what are you in for when you open a Logan Woods book?"

Look out for strong women who know what they want, hunky men both experienced and fresh, modest adults indulging in their first true taste of ecstasy, and scenarios as ludicrous as any sex fantasy.

We could tell you more, but trust us, it's much more effective to find out for yourself in this outrageous anthology of stories from one of erotica's most devious minds.

Just $2.99! Available Now

This compilation includes:

She's Not a Slut
Some people have been taught all their lives by family, peers, and society not to think for themselves. In some cases, the effects on their lives can be just as damaging as mental illness – and just as hard to cure.

Some people are lucky. A caring individual can help. Sometimes they can completely restore an individual’s equilibrium simply by loving them. Sandra was lucky…

Available Now!

Amber's Fantasy
Even the mildest, most modest of women can surprise you after you’ve been married long enough. They cherish their secrets, but sometimes a desire or a fantasy becomes too intense to keep inside any more. When that happens, her husband is in for the ride of his life. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing depends on how well the man can handle it…

Available Now!


The Loving Arms of a Stranger
Carly and her husband Brett were the kind of couple you would never expect to attend a marriage counseling service with such…unorthodox methods. They had everything a young couple could want: money, cars, a beautiful home, great jobs. They never argued and they got along fine.

There was only one thing that rankled in both of them: their sex life had been lost somewhere in all the success.

Carly and her husband had complete faith, though, in their ability to surmount any obstacle. As they started their group counseling, Carly would never have believed on that fateful day that she would find the renewal of her desire for her husband in the loving arms of a stranger…

Available Now!

Summer With Mrs. Taylor
Coming back home from his first year in college, Harris feels like he's finally grown up: he's wiser, manlier, and sexier. But he finds himself unprepared for his beautiful neighbor, Mrs. Noelle Taylor, whose experienced hand may make a man out of Harris yet.

Available Now!



Forbidden Fantasies
Three couples have enjoyed each other’s company since high school, and fifteen years after graduation they were still going strong. There had been little flirtations all along, but this weekend, something was different. Would their close friendship become even closer, or would it explode into fragments if they tapped their forbidden fantasies?

Available Now!



The Who is Logan Woods? series is an Amazon exclusive for the moment, but if you don't have a Kindle, no problem!  Amazon has FREE Kindle reading apps available for your PC or mobile device.


There are more Logan Woods tales where that came from...