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What happens at Indulgence Resort stays... on your ereader! The scandalous island tourist site at the heart of Logan Woods' series is back for a new season of ten episodes - a new one (or two!) every friday, so you can make Indulgence your regular weekend getaway.

Indulgence Resort is part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service, but anyone can purchase new episodes for just 99 cents at Amazon for the first few weeks of release. So why wait? Indulge yourself.
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Indulgence Resort #12: Utter Joy

People come to Indulgence for a multitude of reasons. Many come simply for their own hedonism, but others come to solve problems or ditch inhibitions that have become a burden or an obstacle. Some even come to fulfill fantasies that might be better left as fantasy instead of reality…
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Indulgence Resort #13: Annie's Story

Most of the time the Staff members are given assignments at morning ‘prayer meetings', and if there aren't any assignments, then there's always help they could offer to one of the other guests or crew.

Sometimes, though, the Staff is left to find something to do on their own. And sometimes it is the Staff members themselves who are the needy ones. This time it's Annie who has needs, and only a certain guest can take care of them for her.
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This seriously sexy and decadent series will leave you grinning whether you like to binge read or just dip your toes in every so often.
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Cover for "Irreversible Action"
Indulgence Resort #14:
Irreversible Action

Premieres Friday, February 19th
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Cover for "Forever Altered"
Indulgence Resort #15:
Forever Altered

Premieres Friday, February 19th
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"She's Not a Slut" cover
She's Not a Slut
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