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FEATURED: IN THE HEAT OF THE HUNT novelette by Sandra Sinclair
"In the Heat of the Hunt" cover
Hannah and Drew's marriage may have been on the rocks, but she'd never dreamed that one day he would simply vanish. With no one else to turn to, Hannah hires Liam, an unexpectedly sexy private investigator, to help find her husband. Hannah will have to fight her attraction to Liam while uncovering secrets about her past and present that will ultimately determine her future.

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"The Driving Question" cover
The Driving Question
by Dara Tulen
"First Love Blues" cover
First Love Blues
by Shanika Patrice
"The Slob Who Lives Down the Hall" cover
The Slob Who Lives Down the Hall
by Sandra Sinclair
"Family Ties and Lies" cover
Family Ties and Lies
by Shanika Patrice
"In Kareem's Hands" cover
In Kareem's Hands
by Sandra Sinclair
"Kareem, My Master" cover
Kareem, My Master
by Sandra Sinclair
"Kareem Punishes Me" cover
Kareem Punishes Me
by Sandra Sinclair
"Who is Logan Woods?" cover
Who is Logan Woods?
5-story bundle!
"She's Not a Slut" cover
She's Not a Slut
by Logan Woods
"The Selkie: Sensual Shapeshifter" cover
The Selkie: Sensual Shapeshifter
by Logan Woods
Cover for "Forbidden Fantasies"
Forbidden Fantasies
by Logan Woods
"Fantasy Gallery" cover
Fantasy Gallery
by Logan Woods
"The First Woman" (with "Tiny Dancer") cover
The First Woman (with Tiny Dancer)
2-Story Bundle!
"Unraveled in Space" cover
Unraveled in Space
by Sandra Sinclair
"A Case of Seduction" cover
The Geek's First Boyfriend
by Corey Stark
"Damien the Towel Boy" cover
Damien the Towel Boy
by Corey Stark
"Damien and the Casual Thing" cover
Damien and the Casual Thing
by Corey Stark
"The Butler Teaches a Lesson" cover
The Butler Teaches a Lesson
by Melody Lewis
"A Case of Seduction" cover
A Case of Seduction
by Melody Lewis
"A Tryst in the Shadows" cover
A Tryst in the Shadows
by Melody Lewis
"Enjoying the Prisoner" cover
Enjoying the Prisoner
by Melody Lewis
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