You can discover what's in store for April when she visits the Fantasy Gallery - for free! That's right, from now through Thursday, July 10, Logan Woods' latest sexy short is readily available from Amazon... with no admittance fee.

Fantasy Gallery by Logan Woods
Every woman harbors a secret fantasy that she won’t share with anyone else.  An out of the way place. A viciously, painfully sexy stranger. Or wild, uncontrollable sexual passion.  Underneath every part of her outward façade, she wonders what it would be like for someone to desire her so much that they can’t help themselves, that they had to have her regardless of the consequences.  Once in a while, the fantasy comes true.  April finds out herself one morning, in a dark art gallery...

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Fantasy Gallery is an Amazon exclusive for the time being, but if you don't have a Kindle, don't fret, Amazon offers free Kindle reading apps so you can read on your PC or mobile device.