Remember that song with the lyric "stuck in the middle with you"?  That's kind of how Mandy feels in the latest short story in the MMF Series from Melody Lewis.  We have a feeling Mandy in the Middle has a happy ending, but find out for just 99 cents--for a limited time only!

Mandy in the Middle
by Melody Lewis

Mandy could not believe her luck—her bad luck, that is. After a day of blunders, she finds herself and her boyfriend, Lewis, about to get caught in the middle of a snowstorm. Their only refuge? An old inn that has only one room left, a room she and Lewis have to share with another stranded guest, Stan, who just so happens to be Mandy’s ex-boyfriend. Could she possibly get unluckier? Could things get any more awkward? Mandy is about to find out the excitement of getting caught in the middle…

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