Annette Archer is back with a billionaire romance novelette, but unlike most billionaire stories, Water Fall (part of the Steam Books ROMANTICA line of novellas and novelettes) couldn't have come up with an odder couple: a young and handsome heir to an oil empire and... a smart but self-righteous environmentalist?  Find out if there is any hope or their relationship!


Water Fall
by Annette Archer

Georgia has a problem. She meets Alton at the bar where she works, and he takes interest in her. Georgia is passionate about the environment, but he is an heir to an oil empire. Georgia is determined not to let anything tempt her into forming a relationship with Alton. Not the fact that he is charming. Not the fact that he is smart.  Not the fact that he is richer than her wildest dreams. Not the fact that she already has a boyfriend. Not the fact that her body turns into a quivering mess whenever she is around him...

Alton must change his ways before Georgia will allow herself to be with him. Can he? Can Georgia continue to restrain herself?

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