Erotic extraordinaire Logan Woods is back with two new tales, and the kind he does best: the kind featuring strong women, the cuckolded men who love it, and exhibitionism galore.  These men love to watch: why not join them?


Watching His Wife With Another Man
by Logan Woods
Ronnie is at her wits end…every attempt to interest her husband in anything but missionary sex has met with a complete lack of interest. Nothing works, until in desperation she turns to a friend from work who shows who introduces her to a secret society of sexual freedom, and suggests a way to effect the changes Ronnie wants. Madge’s strategy works, but in a way neither she nor Ronnie expected. Who would have ever expected that Glen would be turned on watching another man with his wife?

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Another Nightby Logan Woods

For many men the very idea of becoming a cuckold can instigate a killing frenzy, but to an increasing number of men of this day and age, the idea has a peculiar and exciting aspect that causes them to cast caution to the winds and test the waters of the unknown.  To the cognoscenti, cuckoldry can be the stair steps to delight.  For Terry and Felicity, it is the defining factor of their life together.

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