In space no one can hear you scream... but they sure can read about it! Sandra Sinclair is back with a pair of sci-fi fantasy stories.  The first, the BDSM-themed short Unraveled in Space is FREE through Sunday, March 30th, and the second, the interracial romance The First Woman, is just 99 cents, also only for this week.

Unraveled in Space by Sandra Sinclair
For Viane, a soldier of the Galactic Space Force, every mission is fraught with peril. One mission in particular gets out of hand, one that results in tragedy. Unable to get over the guilt she feels over what happened, she asks Parker, a close childhood friend, to punish her, and ends up getting what she asked for and more…

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Unraveled in Space is an Amazon exclusive for the time being, but if you don't have a Kindle, don't fret, Amazon offers free Kindle reading apps so you can read on your PC or mobile device.

The First Woman
by Sandra Sinclair
Millions of years from now, Earth is gone, but one man's journey has just begun... During one of his missions to a perilous planet, elite explorer Conwell he stumbles upon a human, but not just any human: the first woman he has ever seen with his own eyes. Drawn to her for reasons he can’t understand, he brings her back to his spacecraft, where he discovers the effects a woman can have on a man for the first time in his existence, a discovery which may just prove to be his greatest yet.

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