Travel through history, to a time and place where class and proper form ruled all, but passion and heat brewed beneath the surface.  Annette Archer and Sandra Sinclair both have new titles in the Victorian-era that are bursting with more passion and sensuality than a ripped bodice.

A Reunion of Sorts
by Annette Archer

Rachel may be beautiful, but she lives a lower-class life in Northampton. As she experiences life as a servant and has to turn down rich but shady suitors, Rachel looks back on and regrets having burned bridges with her lost love, Michael, and yearns for the day when they may meet again.

This steamy title is part of the ROMANTICA line of romance novellas and novelettes!

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Secrets of a Wedding Night
by Sandra Sinclair

When she was a child, Ginny met a charming boy, and now, after all these years, she still dreams of marrying him, which is why she is devastated when she learns she must be wed to the Earl of Snowvale, a man she hardly knows. Reluctant but dutiful, she marries him and braces herself for a dull wedding, but her wedding night turns out to surprise her in more ways than one.

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Be sure to also check out Offering Herself to the Earl, a Victorian-era short story filled with romance and BDSM themes by Sandra Sinclair.

Upon learning that her brother is about to be engaged in a duel with the Earl of Blackwood, Lady Beatrice is determined to save her brother’s life, even if it means offering herself up to the reputedly cold-hearted Earl. But is she prepared for the night the Earl has in store for her?

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