Some tales are sweeping and grand, some tales are intimate and cozy, and in cases like Annette Archer's The Far Realm Chronicles series, some tales are both. And we have some great news for readers who like 'em both ways: not only are there two new installments in the epic fantasy series - Ice Maiden and Cold Lover - but also The Far Realm Chronicles Anthology which compiles 3 novelettes in one affordable bundle, perfect for those who'd like to jump right into the series for the first time.

Cold Lover
by Annette Archer
A member of a fierce society of ice maidens, Kayleen plans to take the gorgeous and muscular Marleki for her mate, but apparently she is not the only one: the pair are ambushed by a ruthless gang of renegade barbarian maidens, notorious for kidnapping men for their own carnal needs. Kayleen and Marleki must work together to overcome the bloodthirsty--and lustworthy--warrior women.

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Ice Maiden by Annette Archer
Iliana is the Queen of the Ice Maidens, a matriarchal society of women warriors and diplomats who live in the tundra.  When she ventures off to the main lands with Jemal, a handsome magician, the evil trolls that attack them are the least of Iliana's worries: Jemal is her former lover, and try as she might, she finds her icy resolve melting in the face of his warm courage... and renewed passion.

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The Far Realm Chronicles Anthology
by Annette Archer
Compiled for you in this tome are three tales of THE FAR REALM CHRONICLES. Fantasy and romance author Annette Archer invites you to a world where magic stirs and creatures lurk, but love indeed conquers all.

The world of the Far Realm is filled with wonders, dangers, romance, lust, and thrills. Each novelette-length title in this loosely-connected series showcases another facet of this fantasy universe's characters, races, history and relationships. Whether it be a wondrous elf, a sexy prince, warrior maidens, or tenacious dragons, The Far Realm Chronicles is sure to provide excitement and romance.

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