They say it's the season of the witch, why not fall under the spell of Supernatural Seduction, a sexy bundle of 4 paranormal short stories due to materialize in retailers on October 20th.

Because we love you, we've arranged with Kobo and Google Play to offer one of Supernatural Seduction's tales FREE so you can get a taste ahead of time: An African American Werewolf in London by Marcus Williams.

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Imagine encounters so steamy and passionate that they break the laws of nature. Imagine no more, because SUPERNATURAL SEDUCTION realizes a quadrilogy of tales of lust, romance and the paranormal before your eyes: some tender, some freaky, and some everywhere in-between. Let experienced authors Simone Perry, Logan Woods and Marcus Williams do all the work for you.

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This compilation includes:

An African American Werewolf in London
by Marcus Williams

One night on the job, average pub waitress Katie witnesses a level of racism by her regular customers that disturbs her; she tries to step in to stop it, but ends up witnessing a gruesome scene. Becoming obsessed with what she saw, she drives herself crazy trying to figure it out, which leaves her penniless and single. With nothing but a strange feeling in her gut and an odd yet erotic dream fuelling her curiosity, Katie sets out to find the truth: which leads her to unexpected and dirty places.

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We're working on getting An African American Werewolf in London to be free on Amazon, but if you can't wait, the sensual title is available for just 99 cents!


  • A HAUNTING PASSION by Simone Perry
    Almost two years have passed since the fatal car crash, yet Scarlett still mourns the death of her beloved husband.After stumbling across an old photo, strange things start to occur late at night when Scarlett lies in bed fantasizing of her beloved Adam…
    Tatiana and Mama Circe knew the secret of Serenity.  It was a secret of rejuvenation, a secret that could only be renewed if the Mistress of the old plantation followed an ancient ritual, one that had been observed since the first white men had set foot in Point Coupee Parish. They and the townsfolk would not hold out on the most important ingredient of the ritual: all the most beautiful men and women, gathered in one place.
  • HARD TO RESIST by Logan Woods
    Luke has lusted after Miranda ever since he met her, but never acted on his feelings: Miranda is the girlfriend of Luke’s frat buddy, Darryl, so Luke is content to keep Miranda as just a fantasy. But when Daryl’s skepticism about the college’s haunted house story lands the trio inside a crumbling mansion for the night, Luke finds out just how much fantasy he can handle.

Both Supernatural Seduction and An African American Werewolf in London are coming soon to our other retail friends as well, such as Barnes & Noble. Stay tuned!