How far will a guy go to please their idol, whether a pro athlete or a famous movie star?  Find out in Dara Tulen and Melody Lewis's latest M/M titles debuting this weekend.  And you might want to act fast: both are available for 99 cents for this weekend only!


The Scoop on Klein Edwards by Melody Lewis

In order to land himself a job at a newspaper, Matt has to take a picture of the evasive, up and coming celebrity Klein Edwards, which is why he forces himself into the role of a paparazzo, even passing himself off as a gardener just so he could get close to the actor. What he doesn’t know, however, is that Klein has his eye on him, too, and when the two meet, Matt is in for more than just a hot story – he’s in for the hottest sex of his life.

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After the Game
by Dara Tulen

Soccer star Darren West is Marcus's idol, and when Marcus finally gets to meet him after a game, he doesn't realize he's not just getting an autograph, a picture or a handshake with the athlete, he's going to be intimately acquainted with him in ways he couldn't have ever imagined.


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As if it could get any steamier, Melody Lewis's title Heated Games is also on sale this weekend for 99 cents.  Pick all three of these books up today!

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