Lovers of fantasy romance, adventure, and eroticism are in luck as Annette Archer has just released two new novelette-length tales in her universe of THE FAR REALM CHRONICLES, and both are just 99 cents for a limited time!


ETHELIA by Annette Archer
Prince Thanus arrives in the town of Damiste merely planning a short stop on his way to official business.  Little does he know, however, that the town's cult of Temporalists, superstitious men who demonize sex, and the mysterious woman named Ethelia that they are hunting for, will provide him more danger and excitement than he'd ever bargained for.


THE WEIGHT OF LOVE by Annette Archer
Carissa is a princess, but being homely and overweight, she is hidden away from view while her trampy sisters seduce any man that ventures into the kingdom.  Used to a life of seclusion, Carissa uses her brains to help her father negotiate treaties, but when a dashing young man from a neighboring kingdom arrives, Carissa finds her intellect and her curves can negotiate other interests of his as well... if her sisters don't convince him otherwise.