With Kobo, Steam Books can almost fit in your pocket.

With Kobo, Steam Books can almost fit in your pocket.

Kobo readers, rejoice: Steam Books is back.

We told you last month how Kobo, a big name in selling ebooks internationally, had temporarily taken down all independently-published book titles from their storefront for content review, due to some bad press emerging from the UK concerning erotic books. This, of course, included nearly the entire Steam Books library, and at one point only a measly four titles were left on Kobo's electronic shelves.

Well, that's all over.  The entire catalog of Steam Books titles are once again up for sale on Kobo's ebook store, and we're celebrating with a sale!  This weekend only, November 22nd through the 24th, we're slashing prices on a great many of the titles making their grand re-emergence.

Don't have a Kobo reader?  No problem!  Kobo supports an open platform and books bought from their store can work on any device or software that supports EPUB files.

Look for discounts on books from these authors:

Happy reading!