The Kobo family of ereaders. 

The Kobo family of ereaders. 

Last week Kobo Inc., one of Steam Books' retail partners, decided to pull a great many of the independent and self-published material off their e-shelves due to negative press attention in the UK concerning "porn" on e-readers.  According to a statement from Michael Tamblyn, Chief Content Officer at Kobo, the e-reader giant "launched a major review of the books we offer for sale to make sure they comply with our content policy on offensive material."

The books removed from sale and put under review include over 200 titles from the Steam Books catalogue.  We at Steam Books are certain that virtually all of our titles fall within guidelines of Kobo's standards and will work with the retailer to make sure our books will be put back up for sale on the Kobo storefront as soon as possible. 

As of this writing, only four titles are currently available for sale, but in the coming days that number should continue to grow until the hundreds that had been available to Kobo readers in the past are once again on sale.

Moreover, we want to express our support for and solidarity with the international community of independent and self-publishers that have been affected by the scrutiny from media and business partners.  We are confident that in the end, all of us will continue to serve our readership and satiate their demand for mature content.

We encourage readers to let Kobo know what they think of the situation by emailing them at .

- The Crew and Authors behind Steam Books